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Nearly every site has a set of links - and this one is no exception. That said, the structure here is unique. The presence of the [Links Filter] atop this page makes finding things easy. Narrow down links by category: travel, photography, charitable organizations, and more. This feature will become particularly useful as the list grows over time. In addition,every entry is accompanied by several sentences explaining why the organization/site is represented here. Select a thumbnail to view introductory text; associated Web sites can then be launched using the [Arrow] button at left of the organization name. See Tips & Tricks for additional details and instructions.


Travel anywhere in Vietnam or Cambodia, and you're sure to find evidence of damage inflicted by landmines. Unfortunately, mines planted during times of war can kill long after fighting has ceased. Adopt-A-Minefield® is working to clear minefields in six of the most heavily-mined countries in the world. In contrast to production, mine removal remains an expensive and tedious task. The organization also funds survivor assistance programs and raises awareness about the global landmine crisis. I'm a big believer in their mission - and have found their Web site to be a great source of information and statistics on the landmine crisis.

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Although I have no idea how I came across Aneki.com, I've found myself returning to the site regularly in search of statistics and information about various countries. Aneki, a Montreal-based organization, is "dedicated to promoting wider knowledge of the world's countries and regions." (I read that statement for the first time on the Aneki Web site moments ago - seems to fit well with my own goals.) Their world rankings are fascinating - comparisons of the world's countries in a number of categories. Data sources include various UN agencies and the CIA World Factbook, another source I return to often.

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Bridges to Understanding

Bridges to Understanding was established to improve cross-cultural understanding by engaging students worldwide in interactive learning and storytelling. Using technologies such as digital storytelling, live video conferencing, in-person exchanges, and teacher-led text-based communication, the organization brings students from disparate backgrounds together to share their cultures and life concerns. Founded by award-winning photographer Phil Borges, Bridges exploits the power of imagery and personal expression to engage students as they explore their cultures and values.

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Children's Surgical Centre

Children's Surgical Centre (CSC) is an organization performing low-cost rehabilitation surgeries for the world's disabled. Currently focused on the people of Cambodia, CSC provides free surgeries to those suffering from landmine injuries, polio and other infectious diseases, cleft lips and palates, cataracts, etc. Having visited their hospital in Phnom Penh and worked with them informally in the past, I can attest to CSC's dedication to its mission. (There is no "fluff" involved - this organization is all about providing surgeries for those in need). Your interest and support would be well placed.

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Web Site

As will be obvious to those who've explored this site in any detail, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is one of my personal heroes. If I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the political situation in Burma, I would set Daw Suu free and give her an opportunity to lead the Myanmar people. It is myopic delusion to think the country's problems would be instantly solved, but the people revere her and deserve an opportunity to see their chosen leader lead. The Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Web site is one I visit often for up-to-date news about the situation inside Myanmar. It's also a great repository of Daw Suu information and links.

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Digital Photography Review™

As an amateur photographer, there's no one I rely upon more for professional advice than Phil Askey and the folks at Digital Photography Review™. From camera reviews to photography tips, I've found the information on this site to be reliable and concise. The dpreview.com site is also a great gathering place for digital photography enthusiasts. Particularly if you're considering a digital camera purchase, don't miss Digital Photography Review™.

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The Economist

Although I had certainly heard of The Economist, I had never before picked up a copy of the magazine or perused the online site until meeting one of the publication's contributors while traveling in Myanmar in 2003. (I think it was the magazine's name that threw me.) Today, I consider The Economist an indispensable source of international news and commentary. Want something with broader world coverage than you get in the typical weekly magazine? Check this one out. (And don't just take my word for it - read a few of these reviews.)

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Free Burma Coalition

The official stance taken by the Free Burma Coalition on the political situation in Myanmar reflects the complexity of the problem (or perhaps more accurately, the complexities involved in addressing it). Long-time advocates of Western sanctions as a means of forcing political change, the Free Burma Coalition reversed itself in 2003 and today seeks "national reconciliation at all costs." FBC would have been included here regardless, but its recent critical assessment of activist positions and involvement warrants special attention. Visit the FBC site for thought-provoking discussion regarding appropriate means of effecting change in Myanmar.

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Green Empowerment

Among the organizations providing assistance to the oppressed ethnic minorities inside Myanmar, Green Empowerment has taken a unique approach. Rather than providing money (which, it has been said, can be used by ethnic insurgents to purchase arms - necessary perhaps for defense against army oppression but at the same time doing little to advance the cause of reconciliation and end the cycle of violence), Green Empowerment provides solar power equipment and training on its operation. As of February 2005, this approach has resulted in 18 solar-powered medical clinics in otherwise remote and "power-less" villages inside Myanmar.

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LICADHO, the Cambodian League for the Promotion of Human Rights, has been working to promote human rights in Cambodia since 1993. The organization advocates on behalf of the Cambodian people, mandating respect for civil and political rights among government agencies and institutions.

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Mith Samlanh (Friends)

There are several creative organizations working to address the challenges faced by Cambodia's youth - and Mith Samlanh is one of them. Working primarily in Phnom Penh with the thousands of children roaming the city's streets, Mith Samlanh provides kids with job and educational opportunities, access to medical care, etc. Staffed largely by Cambodian natives, Mith Samlanh runs several businesses that fund its support programs. The group produces cookbooks, artwork, and most recently - I've been told - a documentary film. Check 'em out on the Web and (if nothing else) visit their restaurants when you're in Phnom Penh (true sacrifice for a worthy cause!).

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Perhaps the question I've been asked most by those who've seen a few of my prints at various Seattle-area events has been this: "Where'd you get your photographs printed?" The answer: Mpix. Following my first photography-filled trip to Southeast Asia in 2003, I researched online digital imaging services carefully. I had small and large prints ordered from seven different organizations - and in a majority of the criteria I was evaluating, Mpix came out on top. One important note: it's the special (more expensive) metallic paper that brings out the wonderful colors and brilliant clarity in the images. Good service and reliable packaging/shipping as well.

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Mujestic Records & praCh Ly

What has happened for praCh in the past few years is nothing short of amazing. Visit his site for snippets from the likes of Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, the Cambodia Daily, and other media organizations describing the work of this Cambodian American rapper and artist. Perhaps because he is among the first artists of his generation to communicate and explore the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and its lingering effects on his homeland(s), praCh has become a cultural icon on two continents. His appeal to me involves his mission both to explore the truth and demonstrate that it can be overcome. Without the former, his voice is a sham. Absent the latter, he is another artist giving his audience reason to weep but little incentive to believe in a better world, to move beyond the mistakes of the past and create a better world.

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Among the online photography communities out there, photoSIG is the one I have visited most. This forum, made up of thousands of professionals and enthusiasts alike, is a great place to share photos and gather feedback from others. A quick glance at some of the forum's highest-rated photographs provides evidence of the quality of the photographers involved. The site is nicely designed and - though these forums inevitably include photographers crossing that subjective line separating art from indecency - photoSIG has added features enabling anyone to explore the galleries worry-free.

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Photography By James Nachtwey

This guy's a professional - and it shows. In three decades as a professional photographer, James Nachtwey has documented wars and social issues across the globe. From Nicaragua to Somalia, the AIDS epidemic to 9-11, Nachtwey has photographed and written about many of the most challenging issues of our time. From his Web site: "I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated." Indeed, after perusing the images here depicting the beauty of our world, a visit to Nachtwey's site will provide some balance. This world isn't full of beauty alone.

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Room to Read

Among the charitable organizations working to address our world's challenges, there are a number made up of well-intentioned people lacking the skills or focus necessary to maximize impact and effectiveness. Not so with Room to Read. This organization is lean, efficient, and focused on results. Building libraries and schools in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam, Room to Read requires involvement and commitment from the communities in which it works (thus increasing the likelihood of long-term success). Check back for more on Room to Read in late 2006 - and don't miss this wonderful introduction to the organization and its work.

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Lonely Planet Thorntree

Where do I go to get current information about my next destination - things like guesthouse recommendations and inexpensive Internet cafes? Lonely Planet's Thorntree Web forum. Thorntree is a forum for travelers to share advice and stories about destinations across the globe. I've also found Thorntree to be a decent place for obtaining tips on how to help the locals. Travelers have begun posting their experiences with aid groups, local orphanages, etc. Volunteer work is becoming a more typical part of the international travel experience - and Thorntree seems as good a place as any for us to share our experiences and advice.

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World Affairs Council

After returning to Seattle following my first trip to Southeast Asia in 2003, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the World Affairs Council. Here, right in my own backyard, was an organization whose sole purpose involved promoting greater awareness and understanding of global events. The World Affairs Council organizes public events and educational activities and sponsors an international visitors program. In just a few months of involvement, I was impressed by the caliber of speakers involved and the Council's determination to remain nonpartisan. Keep an eye on the events schedule - and get involved!

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Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe is one of the premier nature photographers working today. I have met several camera-savvy travelers on the road who weren't familiar with his work, so I'm providing a link here. Like a number of photographers, he's a painter at heart. But more than his ability to capture beautiful images, my respect was earned by his desire to use his platform to effect positive change. We're beginning to catch on that the environment needs a little attention, something nature photographers like Art Wolfe have been attempting to communicate for years.

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B&H Photo-Video

For photography gear, I've found B&H Photo to be a reliable online merchant with competitive prices. Having researched several purchases online, I've found the number of suppliers and options daunting. While there are no doubt other reliable suppliers out there, B&H is consistently ranked among the best. No bait-and-switch games, no false advertising - just quality gear at competitive prices. I won't mention any names here, but there are several organizations out there with advertised prices that seem "too good to be true." Beware. Do your homework. The upsell tactics can be brutal. If my experience is typical, you won't get any of that with B&H.

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Cambodian Cultural Museum

The mission of the Cambodian Cultural Museum & Killing Fields Memorial is two-fold: First, the Seattle area museum was established as a memorial to the victims and survivors of the Cambodian genocide; increasing awareness of events during the time of the Khmer Rouge is a key goal. The second objective involves promotion and preservation of Cambodian culture. Established by Cambodian American Dara Duong, the fledgling museum has begun to organize Puget Sound-area events promoting Cambodian culture. Check the Web site for details on upcoming events.

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Clear Path International

Clear Path International is an organization focused on providing medical and social services to landmine survivors and their families in Vietnam, Cambodia, and along the Thai-Myanmar border. Although I have not yet worked with Clear Path directly, I have interacted with several members of their team and feel confident that this organization is doing good work in Southeast Asia. Landmine victims - when they survive - inevitably face challenges in daily life. With few support systems in place internally in Cambodia and Vietnam, Clear Path plays an important role in providing much-needed medical care (and hope) for landmine survivors.

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Dave's ESL Cafe

Vagabonders, I've found, come from all backgrounds. That said, a fair number are interested in education. And perhaps because it's a way to finance trips and quench that thirst for exploration of distant lands, many end up teaching English in foreign countries. Dave's ESL Cafe seems to be the place to be for exploration of English language teaching opportunities across the globe. With content for both teachers and students, Dave Sperling has developed an extensive site of ESL/EFL content, resources, and links. If you're interested in teaching English abroad, don't miss the resources available at Dave's ESL Cafe.

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Free Burma Rangers

Working to provide emergency medical care, humanitarian aid, and education to Myanmar's two million IDPs (internally displaced persons), the Free Burma Rangers is an organization with people on the ground in some of the most volatile parts of the country. FBR provides frequent reports on human rights violations inside the country.

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The Institute for Motivating Reading

As explored in the [How-to-Help] section of this site, reading is one of the things all citizens of the world can do to become better educated about their neighbors and the effects of their actions (and those of their governments) on the broader global community. Literacy itself, while important, is not enough. We must become motivated to learn more, to make reading a regular activity in our lives. Seattle's Institute for Motivating Reading is an organization working to do just that.

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Kids with Cameras

You may have heard about the award-winning documentary film Born into Brothels. The film demonstrates the power of self-expression in transforming lives. Armed with cameras and instruction from photographer Zana Briski, children in Calcutta's red light district go about capturing their worlds via photography - and in time sharing their stories with the world. Kids with Cameras, the organization born of Briski's Calcutta project, is dedicated to empowerment of underprivileged children by teaching them to "appreciate the beauty and dignity of their own expression."

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Lynsey Addario, Photographer

I came across Lynsey Addario's work as a result of a front page photo that ran in The New York Times in December 2006. The striking photograph depicted a young sex abuse victim in Africa. Moved by her photos and the story they accompanied, I looked her up online and discovered a great collection of images. Particularly powerful were her photos of the conflict in Iraq. Like so many other Americans, I have become numb to the statistics and daily reports. Ms. Addario's images reminded me of the reality of war and the important role photojournalists play in keeping us alert to the world around us.

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M'Lop Tapang

A group of homeless children living under a Tapang tree for protection: the inspiration for and first friends of M'Lop Tapang. A relatively new organization, M'Lop Tapang has quickly made an impact on the lives of children in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The organization provides street kids (around 120 of them at last count) with the basics: food, education, health care, and - for some - shelter and protection. A brief visit in 2004 introduced me to several members of the staff and a swarm of healthy, energetic kids.

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PhotoVoice is - like Kids with Cameras of Born into Brothels fame - an organization devoted to empowerment of the underprivileged via photographic self-expression. PhotoVoice has supported a number of interesting projects, many of them described on the organization's Web site. You can meet the photographers involved (often insightful teens) and learn about other cultures not through my eyes but instead through the eyes of the people who are part of them. Consider starting with this piece by Bhutanese refugees in Nepal (how many of us know anything about Bhutan?) or this project featuring photos by Cambodian orphans.

Visit PhotoVoice

Rajana Society

Rajana Society, a student-run organization at Seattle's University of Washington, was established to promote Khmer arts and entertainment. Rajana's objectives include: 1) educating the public about Khmer culture; 2) involving Cambodian American youth in activities exposing them to Khmer arts and culture; and 3) supporting people of all ethnicities and backgrounds working to express themselves via the arts. My personal interactions with Rajana have been quite positive. These students are setting an example for others (of immigrant and non-immigrant communities alike) to follow. Visit the Rajana Web site for details on coming events.

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The Starfish Project

Small projects with big impact. Providing assistance to those who otherwise fall through the cracks. Such are the goals of the Starfish Project. Sihanoukville-based Starfish first came to my attention as a result of a hankering for a homemade cookie while traveling in 2003. (Administrative expenses of the Project are borne by the Starfish Bakery and Café.) Today, I mention Starfish not for its baked goods but instead for the constructive aid the group provides in Southern Cambodia. Starfish takes on manageable projects - one person, one family, "one starfish" at a time - and delivers great results.

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STOP EXPLOITATION NOW! was formed to combat sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children in Southeast Asia. Although this organization is relatively young, it is already changing lives in Cambodia and organizing events in the Seattle area. Look for more on SEN down the road.

Note: This organization was launched by a couple of close friends with negligible support from me. You can see a few more images from ONEWORLDIMAGES.COM on the SEN Web site.

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Tabitha Foundation

The Tabitha Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization working to help Cambodia's poor break the cycle of poverty. By encouraging the poor to save and implementing programs that reward them for doing so, Tabitha enables families to work their way out of poverty on their own. From early on, founder Janne Ritskes sought to demonstrate that empowerment is a more effective means of fighting poverty than providing short-term benefits via handouts. In addition to its savings program (guaranteed 10% interest!), Tabitha builds houses and wells and manages a crafts-production program employing hundreds of Cambodian people.

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US Campaign for Burma

The U.S. Campaign for Burma is one of the primary bodies in the United States promoting freedom, democracy, and human rights in Burma. The group's leadership team includes several of the most widely respected voices advocating political change in Myanmar. The USCB Web site is updated regularly with the latest news on the situation inside the country.

Visit US Campaign for Burma | View Associated Image

The Wing Luke Asian Museum

In Seattle, the Wing Luke Asian Museum is a great starting point for exploration of Asian cultures. In addition to housing both permanent and temporary exhibits, the museum provides a variety of educational forums and hosts community events year-round. With knowledgeable and friendly staff, a welcoming atmosphere, a committed support base and an ongoing expansion project, the Wing Luke Asian Museum will continue to play a critical role at the heart of Puget Sound's international community.

Visit The Wing Luke Asian Museum | View Associated Image


In an attempt to reduce human rights violations around the world, WITNESS has taken a simple approach: document abuse. By arming the vulnerable and their protectors with cameras (generally video cameras), WITNESS improves the likelihood that human rights abuses will be documented and brought to the attention of the world's media and people. WITNESS videos have been used in legal proceedings, as evidence balancing official human rights reports filed with the UN, in news and Internet broadcasts, and in general grassroots education.

Visit WITNESS | View Associated Image

Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales

For several years now, Andy Brouwer's "Cambodia Tales" Web site has been a popular resource for those interested in traveling in or simply learning about Cambodia. Andy made his first trip to Cambodia over a decade ago - before the country's tourism industry had begun to rebound after several decades of turmoil and conflict. His travelogue entries and photographs reflect the richness of the country's culture and the beauty of its people. His collection of links to all things Khmer remains impressive. If you're an old visitor, note that Andy's site has been relocated. Many people still link to the original site, missing his most recent entries!

Visit Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales | View Associated Image


As its name suggests, Atlapedia is an online encyclopedia/atlas hybrid. Maintained by an Australian company, Atlapedia is one of the online resources I use for maps and detailed information about the world's countries. From systems of government and modern history to current demographics, Atlapedia provides a wealth of information about the world's nations and people.

Visit Atlapedia | View Associated Image

Bangkok Post

During my travels in Southeast Asia, I have found the Bangkok Post to be a reliable source of regional and international news. Although I attempt to read local newspapers wherever I go, I've found myself seeking out the Post while traveling in neighboring countries. Even in Myanmar now, one can often find copies of the Bangkok Post in major cities. At home in the States, I check the paper's Web site for perspective on how the people of Southeast Asia are reacting to world events. It's an exercise the Internet enables - and one I think we should all take seriously - seeing world events through the eyes of our neighbors.

Visit Bangkok Post | View Associated Image

Burma Action Group

The Burma Action Group, also know as the Seattle Burma Roundtable, is a group of concerned citizens encouraging (and taking) action to bring peace and freedom to the people of Myanmar. The organization, which includes Myanmar natives, also sponsors programs to increase public awareness of the crisis playing out in Burma. Monthly meetings serve as forums for news updates and discussions regarding actions to be taken in support of the Burmese people.

Visit Burma Action Group | View Associated Image

BurmaNet News

Accurate news about the situation in Myanmar is often difficult to find. Given the political state of the country, even reliable sources don't always have entirely accurate and current information. Despite this, I have found BurmaNet News to be a good resource for staying abreast of the situation in Myanmar. Along with the Bangkok Post, Aung San Suu Kyi Web site, and several NGO sites, BurmaNet News provides those of us outside the country with a peek at events of the day inside. For those inside Burma, incidentally, most of these sites are blocked by government filters.

Visit BurmaNet News | View Associated Image

The Burma Photo Project

Although I have little information regarding its current status, The Burma Photo Project was established to promote awareness of the need for aid inside the country. The project's organizers hoped to encourage organizations to engage in activities inside Myanmar, donating photographs to humanitarian groups in need of publicity. The present site includes several series of photographs depicting humanitarian efforts inside the country. Compared to other countries in need, Myanmar gets little help from the world's aid organizations - primarily due to its current political situation.

Visit The Burma Photo Project | View Associated Image

Caffe Dharma

This is a "Just for Fun" link (it's a Web log maintained by a friend), yet Caffe Dharma does include some relevant travel and political commentary. I won't pretend that I agree with every word posted here, but for our mutual friends, Caffe Dharma provides an interesting look at the life and times of Mr. Krishna. For all you old Equarians, take a quick peek at this site. As always, you'll probably get a good laugh. Ananth never ceases to entertain - and, as most of you know, deep down he's got a pretty good heart.

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CNET is perhaps an unlikely candidate for inclusion here, yet I include it because it remains a great resource for researching digital cameras and gear. For almost any electronic purchase I consider, I research CNET before making decisions. I use the site and its vast network for a number of other things unrelated to photography. (For example, my decision to begin using Skype™ for travel communication - see details here - was solidified after reading a CNET product review.)

Visit CNET | View Associated Image


While I have been very happy with the metallic prints provided by Mpix, when I want prints with a traditional matte finish, my preference is little-known ePixel.com. The ePixel site isn't nearly as slick as Mpix; ePixel seems to focus on print quality rather than Web site pizzazz. Despite this, the less intuitive Web interface is worth the trouble when you want good prints. The color accuracy and contrast of ePixel prints ranked highest in my unprofessional 2004 assessment of online imaging service providers (though I was comparing Mpix on the basis of its matte finish - not the metallic paper I've since chosen to use).

Visit ePixel.com | View Associated Image


Lonely Planet's Thorntree is a great online forum for travelers to destinations across the globe. IndiaMike is similar, but as the name suggests, India is the exclusive topic. I've found both travelers and natives among the contributors to IndiaMike; the locals often provide insider tips and insights you won't find on other message boards. IndiaMike also claims to host the largest collection of photos depicting India on the Internet. If you'll be traveling in India, get to know this forum. It will save you time and reduce frustration once you're inside the country.

Visit IndiaMike.com | View Associated Image

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Were I not intent on sharing more than photographs here, I'd have skipped development of this site and just plugged into the Kodak EasyShare Gallery (formerly Ofoto). I have several travel contacts who post photos from the road - and friends at home who keep family albums updated via the EasyShare Gallery. The site is easy to use and boasts a large user base. I've ordered prints from them, and while I've chosen to use Mpix and ePixel for most of my prints, EasyShare does a nice job with standard smaller vacation and family photos. (Incidentally, Mpix can be used to maintain online albums as well.)

Visit Kodak EasyShare Gallery | View Associated Image

Mines Advisory Group

Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is an international
not-for-profit NGO clearing landmines and destroying unexploded ordnance in former war zones. I have seen them at work in Laos and support the organization's mission.

Visit Mines Advisory Group | View Associated Image

The New Light of Myanmar

For a glimpse into "the news" inside Myanmar, the online edition of government-run The New Light of Myanmar is worth a look. While satellite television has increased access to news from the outside world, the government still controls local media. Headlines here always include something about the ruling generals and the good deeds (or historic feats - low golf scores, for example) they've accomplished. It's all good news (except for the occasional update about the state of the Middle East), with nary a word criticizing the current government. Take a look. This is a paper you see all over Yangon. 1984?

Visit The New Light of Myanmar | View Associated Image

Oxfam International

Oxfam International is a network of non-governmental organizations working to reduce poverty and suffering among the world's poor. With activities in more than 100 nations, Oxfam has a hand in humanitarian efforts in every corner of the globe. Personally, I like the approach they've taken to collaboration among NGOs working to help those in need. At times, it seems there are a number of organizations out there attempting to address the same issues yet doing little in terms of collaboration or division of labor. Oxfam is a good resource for keeping tabs on humanitarian crises that fail to capture the attention of the world's popular media.

Visit Oxfam International | View Associated Image

Outpac Designs (makers of Pacsafe®)

When you're on the road lugging anything of value (for some, it might be jewelry or cash - for others, camera gear and a tablet PC), there's that incessant fear that somewhere along the line, your precious goods will be nabbed. Ever try to sleep on a slow-moving, unlit night train in Myanmar with people hopping on and off at will? I have - and I didn't sleep well. Enter Outpac Designs, makers of "innovative and high quality travel security solutions." I was the recipient of a gift while traveling in Laos in 2004, a Pacsafe® backpack insert. And yes, I now sleep on trains (both eyes closed) and leave my gear in guesthouses without worry.

Visit Outpac Designs (makers of Pacsafe®)

Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Assoc.

For Seattle residents interested in Cambodia, the Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association serves as a friendly local forum for learning more and getting involved. The Seattle-Sihanoukville partnership, one of nearly two dozen such alliances sponsored by the City of Seattle, is as much about developing cultural ties and supporting humanitarian efforts as it is fostering economic development/exchange between the cities.

Visit Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Assoc. | View Associated Image

Seva Foundation

Seva seeks to bring the best of Western medicine and technology to the developing world without destroying local culture. Whether this is even possible is a question I have debated with fellow travelers - but I still come down in the Seva camp, believing it can be done. Seva attempts to integrate "the ancient and the modern in ways that promote health and human harmony." In Asia, Seva has been involved for two decades in a program reducing cases of preventable blindness. The main link here connects to the US-based Seva Foundation; my introduction to Seva came through Seva Canada and Brian Harris' "Himalayan Visions and Tibetan Voices."

Visit Seva Foundation | View Associated Image

The Sharing Foundation

While judgment of books may require more than cover assessment, a great deal can be determined about an orphanage by examining its surface: the faces of its residents and employees and the state of its facilities. Of the dozen or more orphanages I have visited in South and Southeast Asia, a Cambodian orphanage run by The Sharing Foundation ranks atop the list. Having visited twice, I've found the place clean, the children healthy and seemingly content, the nannies friendly and not overworked. Solar panels provide a steady supply of electricity, enabling things like refrigeration of critical medicines.

Visit The Sharing Foundation | View Associated Image


AFESIP is an organization fighting the trafficking of women and children for sex slavery in Southeast Asia. AFESIP provides holistic care (housing and recovery support), skills training, and community reintegration for rescued women and children. In conjunction with STOP EXPLOITATION NOW!, I have seen AFESIP at work in Cambodia. My experiences have been quite positive. The fight against human trafficking is difficult and filled with political landmines. AFESIP seems up to the task of accepting the challenge and making a lasting impact.

Visit AFESIP | View Associated Image

Andy Budd Photography

I happened across Andy Budd's photography gallery while researching a stylesheet problem I was having with my site. After reading through a log entry he'd written related to my issue, I spotted a photography link and followed it. I'm glad I did, as I discovered a fellow travel/photography enthusiast - and an apparent South and Southeast Asia fan as well. His is a nicely designed gallery of photos. (Though by the looks of it, he's been churning out work-related log entries at a faster rate than photographs!)

Visit Andy Budd Photography | View Associated Image

Apsara Arts Association

Apsara Arts Association teaches traditional dance and music to underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The organization also serves as home to more than two dozen orphaned children. Director Chhay Sopha and his wife, Vong Metry, provide a healthy and nurturing environment for the kids. I have visited several times and encourage anyone visiting Phnom Penh to take in a performance and offer a bit of support.

Follow this link to view the slideshow I've created for and about the Apsara children and dancers.

Visit Apsara Arts Association | View Associated Image


Ben is a friend and former colleague with whom I've traveled in India. He has also allowed me to stay in his London flat, enabling visits to a city that would otherwise be off limits given my travel budget. This is a "Just for Fun" link, allowing our mutual friends to keep up on his latest adventures. Ben does have a few travel images and stories on his site. He also introduced me to several photographers I now follow, including the creative Andy Goldsworthy. (I'm not sure there's an official Goldsworthy site, but here are a few images courtesy of Google.)

Visit BenGoeltz.com | View Associated Image

Geoff Oliver Bugbee - Photojournalist

Like James Nachtwey, I came across the work of Geoff Oliver Bugbee through Seva. Bugbee's site is full of powerful images and thoughtful essays. His "Opening Eyes: Saving Sight in Asia" photo essay documents Seva's work fighting curable blindness in the developing world. Essays documenting life around a massive dump on the shores of Nicaragua's Lake Managua and ascetic life (he calls it a "collision of The Holy") were also favorites. Take a look at his work - amazing photographs, a slick Web site, powerful and admirable messages.

Visit Geoff Oliver Bugbee - Photojournalist

Denise Rocco-Zilber Photography

Another photographer determined to share the beauty of the world's cultures with others...

Visit Denise Rocco-Zilber Photography | View Associated Image


I've only recently begun playing with Flickr, but this online photo management site enables easy image sharing and offers a number of creative features the competition doesn't. Images (and portions of them) can be tagged and commented. Searching is slick, and you can easily browse photos high in "interestingness" and "gorgeousity."

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F ~ U ~ E ~ L

Sifting through photos, writing up log entries, "sleeping" on overnight buses - these bands keep things moving when the creative energies wane. Topping my iPod most-played list: Keane, Muse, Radiohead, U2, Guster, Travis, Massive Attack, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol,

href="http://www.aqualung.net" target="_blank">Aqualung,

href="http://www.thefiretheft.com" target="_blank">The Fire Theft, Death Cab, Sleeping at Last?!, the Boss (still). Female voices: Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy, Aimee Mann, Eisley?! Other moods: Sigur Ros?!, Pink Martini?!, the late Rubén González of Buena Vista Social Club fame, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, George Winston (still), and so many others. Finally, be sure to check out The Myriad.

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Images of Asia (John McDermott)

After visiting the temples of Angkor for the first time, I left disappointed with the photographs I'd shot. Something about the dense jungle, harsh sunlight, and muted colors of the temples made for images that didn't adequately communicate the surreal qualities of the place. When I came across John McDermott's photography, I discovered an artist who'd encountered the same problem - and solved it. McDermott uses infrared film to capture his images, giving them a dreamy, elegant feel that accurately reflects the experience of actually being there. Take a look at his "Images of Asia" site. His photographs of Asia are stunning.

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Primarily here as a "Just for Fun" link, I'm including this one for my former colleagues at Equarius. While still not entirely certain I'll keep these more personal links up for good, I wanted to make sure those of you still tracking me also checked in on Scott. He has some nice photographs up - you'll see faces you recognize throughout - and he and Vi obviously share my passion for travel. (Scott, little did you know I was following your movements so closely! Your 2005 snaps of Yavapai Point and the Grand Canyon have me excited to explore more of the U.S. Keep the photographs coming.)

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Smudge Productions

Tamara is a friend and fellow travel photographer who's spent time in both Africa and Asia in recent years. Her film, In the Shadow of the Himalayas, introduces viewers to the people and culture of Nepal. Tamara introduced me to Room to Read and recently displayed a set of photographs from Burma as part of the Ballard Art Walk in Seattle. Incidentally, that's her on the left edge of the photograph at right. We were traveling in the hills of Myanmar's Shan State along with our guide and Willem and Aagje, from the Netherlands. This photograph captured a candle-lit meal (the only kind available) provided by the village chief.

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Simply a great resource for people interested in improving the lives of children around the world, UNICEF is influential and large, with ongoing initiatives in dozens of countries. In addition to being a good place to focus one's humanitarian efforts, UNICEF provides timely and insightful commentary on world events from an unusual perspective: that of a concerned parent. World events are broken down and evaluated for their effects on kids, resulting in analysis that tends to be forward-thinking and wise.

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Wolf Camera

Like B&H Photo-Video, Wolf Camera is a reliable online merchant selling cameras, lenses, and more. I have purchased from Wolf on more than one occasion - and I've never been disappointed.

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The CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook is a vast repository of up-to-date information about the world's nations: maps, systems of government, heads of state, demographics, economic data, etc. While researching the sites and organizations to be included in this collection of links, I discovered that several of my other "country facts and figures" sources obtain a good percentage of their data from the World Factbook.

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